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Ripsnorter E-Tec Sync

Torque Engineers have designed and produced a masterpiece that focuses on a carefully designed full carbon fiber hull autoclaved for extreme durability and a shape that enables unparalleled performance like no others on the market. The small size hull allows for unbelievable hard turns without losing any straight-line speed or acceleration.

The Ripsnorter with its powerful jet unit system can push well over 100kg riders and the E-TEC SYNC electrical system intelligently saves power during the ride to result in much longer ride times on the water on one charge.

The main sections of the board are easily dismantled if there happens to be an issue with the system and its need to be repaired. Versatility in the design can allow for satisfied customers and more time on the water.

Torque has been working towards producing an electric jetboard with this amount of performance for many years. Performance, turning capability, and versatility of the size of the product are very important to make the sport easily enjoyed. New Maneuvers can be tried and tested on each new ride, which makes the product have endless possibilities and increase the love for the sport.

The Ripsnorter E-TEC SYNC with all these incredible features is certainly a top-level product that is brought to the consumers for a fraction of other developers’ prices.

Jetboard Colours Options.

Spec Chart


180 CM


70 CM


15 CM


41 KG


Batt incl

41 KG



160 KG



Ride Time 40 mins hard riding
Recharging time 3 hours

2022 System upgrades

Carbon Fiber Impeller

A carbon Fiber impeller Jet System is now available. If you are needing more speed and increased performance, then this setup will add 6-7km/h and eliminates the cavitation.

New E-Tec Sync Setting

The electronic software system has been upgraded to incorporate new RPM with even lower power usage. Adding speed and longer ride times. You can enjoy 100% for 95% of the ride time. The board does not slow down like other boards when the battery is draining.

New 53ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

We at Torque have the longest ride times when compared to all jetboards. Now with this new large capacity pack and at extremely low prices, there are no others that come close to competing.

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