The XTREAM race board is a magnificent machine built with unbelievable power and torque. The shape is the same as the Mongrel board except for the length has been altered to allow heavier riders more volume under their feet. (Volume is a surfing term used for a rider to choose the right board for their body size, weight and strength.

The rule of thumb for the volume of the board for surfboards also applies to Jet Boards, heavier riders need a larger board to allow the board to glide on top of the water.)

The XTREAM will be difficult to beat when racing around the Jet Tracks, but you will need the body strength to handle its speed and power when it is fully unleashed.

The larger and heavier rider’s will achieve the same results with this board as the smaller size rider’s riding the Mongrel. We have taken into consideration many factors, such as the rider’s weight and strength compared to each board’s volume and speed and turning reactions. These factors have been put through various physical testing regimes to make sure that each board is equal and that the results around the Jet Tracks are similar. The aim is to make sure the rider’s ability is the main influence on the lap times and not the board.

If you are a lighter weight rider looking for a board that is easier to handle, or a board to learn how to ride, then the XTREAM board would be a good choice for you. It has power under the shell if needed, but the Torque app can control its power and skill level until you are ready to advance.

The Carbon Fiber shell allows for flexibility in the rails and tail for extremely powerful turns and adds greater strength to the overall surface of the board. Our patent Torque Electrical Jet Drive System uses Japanese parts and technology to construct the most powerful drive propulsion unit that can take hours of really hard riding with ease.

The electrical system of our boards is powered by the latest release LG battery pack, a world leader in Battery Technology.

Torque’s powerful water-cooled motor uses the highest quality magnets and stators that no other country except Japan can produce.


Jet Board Specifications:-

Straight line Length 235cm
Length over Curver 238cm
Width max 80cm 58.39cm 64.15cm
Thickness (max) 14.95cm 8.45cm 14.15cm
Nose Rocker 21.28cm
Tail Rocker Secret

Xtream Jet Board Package Includes:-

  • Xtream Jet Board
  • Torque Heavy Duty Travel Cover
  • Leg Rope
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Pair of Torque Foot Pads/Straps
  • Torque Rash Shirt
  • Wireless Hand Held Remote Control
  • Take off handle
  • Torque Helmet
  • Set of replaceable fins
  • Hand Held Control Cable
  • Torque Vest
  • Battery Charger with Instructions
  • Single Battery & Accessories Case
  • Double Battery & Accessories case if purchase a extra battery.
Buy Now
  • Jet Boards USD4,299.00

Extra Battery Pack Recommended

The Jet Boards Electric power system is improving all the time, but I do recommend at least 1 spare replaceable battery pack. You will not have to wait for the first battery to charge. Ideally 2 spare batteries would get you on the water all day.

  • Extra Battery USD999.00

3D View

2D View



Board Parameters


Total weight

27 kg

Top Speed


Hand Held Wireless Remote Control


Torque Mobile Applications

  • Race Mode
  • Leisure Mode
  • Find My Board
  • Daily Usage Check
  • Speed Check
  • Beginner to Advanced Control System

Battery Usage Time

  • Race Mode 30 mins
  • Leisure Mode 50 mins
  • Beginner Level 50 mins
  • Novice Level 45 mins
  • Intermediate Level 40 mins
  • Semi-Pro Level 35 mins
  • Pro Level 30 mins

Replaceable Battery Packs


Recharging time

2 hours