Torque Holdings Limited was incorporated in 2016 which is the holding company for Torque Jet Boards, the Torque Brand, and its products. But the story started a long time before this.

For the past 15 year’s Dean has been traveling throughout Asia researching and manufacturing various products for his International Trading business. Among these products, the passion and effort were directed into the water sports product area with the manufacturing partnership of surfboards and SUP and inflatable water sports boards and boats.

The business manufacturing and logistics setup throughout Australia and Asia led to ample of opportunities to experience vacations throughout the beautiful South Pacific. I am a lover of the ocean, or basically any water source, and if a vacation is planned then the Ocean, Lake or Island is the first crucial factor considered. Asia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, from the Philippines – Boracay/Cebu to Thailand – Phuket/Koh Samui, Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia and the list goes on, I have visited them all……

Each trip I had to be near the beach, I need the clean ocean water to refresh the mind and relax the body, but I knew deep inside my soul the beauty in Asian beaches was missing those pounding waves and the adrenaline experienced in catching those waves back in my hometown in Australia. I then looked around and noticed that most places in Asia are heavily populated by vacationers from all around the world, the beaches are packed with young and old enjoying the sand and water, but then I thought to myself how could I bring the action, speed, and skill that surfing encompasses and create a board and system that will be affordable and accessible for all levels of people to enjoy in water sources that do not have waves.

I admit, I did not invent the Jet Board, which actually has been around since the 1960’s, but I knew there was something special about the idea, and the idea most importantly was something that I knew I would love and would put all my passion and resources into making it succeed.

Surfing I would say is one the most loved sports throughout the world, even in places who do not have surfing or waves or even the beach or ocean. If we could pick one sport in the world that people could make a wish and then be instantly able to perform at an above average skill level, then this sport would certainly be surfing. It is loved and cherished by the surfers and the non-surfers would love to experience this feeling.

So back in 2015, at my sister’s lovely home in Miami, Gold Coast Australia I started to research into Jet Boards, both the electrical and petrol propelled machines. There were a few companies in the world manufacturing the boards already, so I had the advantage to accumulate all the positives and eliminate the negatives. After the research then came the development stage and I can now tell you, after nearly a year of manufacturing, I did not really know how difficult, and how much trial and error is needed to go through to find the all the correct specifications and calculations of all the innovative parts of the board to make it turn, move and keep it moving fast, for the longest time span possible. The one key factor which I focused a lot of energy and funds was the long list of prototypes to develop the board bottom size and shape to maximize the turning ability of the heavier and thicker boards. The countless hours spent in the waves surfing in Australia as a youngster certainly assisted in conquering the rideability of my boards.

Through the initial stages of the production, I come up with the idea of the Jet Track Racing GPS Systems. Surfing and competing in a sport, any sport, is the ultimate rush, like an addiction, once you try and you get that feeling, you just cannot get enough. I am sure most people would agree with that reference. The rush achieved in a competitive sport is an unbeatable feeling. Being able to test your skills against others in the same sport is certainly rewarding and makes us want more and more. To compete against people from the other side of the world without being at the same location, then wow, this was something new, and something that now is possible with the advancements of technology.

So, this is where I am today, now ready to setup our first Jet Track Racing location, pump our boards around the buoys, fire up the APP and enjoy all the hard work that has gone into building this intelligent machine.


Jet Boarding as a sport is starting to become popular and is a closely watched new product from its wow factor that excites everyone, but unfortunately, previously the price has been one of the main factors that have slowed the growth of the community, the sport, and the industry.

The goal for Torque Jet Boards is to build the community and the sport together. Make it assessable to basically anyone, anytime and anywhere. The growth will be influenced by the expansion of Jet Track Racing Systems, and the Jet Board Rental system. Bringing the riders into a fun filled competitive atmosphere that the enjoyment experienced will be heard by millions, bringing more and more riders to get involved.

There are many places in the world with the lack of waves, the inner lakes of the United States, the beautiful bays of the Greek Isles, the inner river’s and lake systems in Australia, and all throughout Europe there are vast number of perfect locations that can utilise our products, join the community and enjoy the ultimate sport.

The technology of the battery and the electric propulsion engines is something that day by day and year by year the technology will evolve and the enjoyment of riding the board for longer periods of time without exchanging the battery will soon be part of us.

I can see that in the near future, where ever you travel, your resort or hotel will have our Torque Jet Boards that will be part of the daily activities offered to all guests. Friends, family, and colleagues will all be shredding on our boards with many humorous videos and chats uploaded to our APP so everyone can view and be a part of. It is a very exciting future ahead.


Since I was a youngster, a little “grommet” (which is the surfing name for a young surfer) I fell in love with the ocean, the waves and the unbeatable feeling of catching those clean steep faces of the wave that produced massive amounts of speed. It was the rush that I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn with frequent trips to Byron Bay Pass Beach with my family and friends of the family.

Sport in any forms I tried as I was growing up. Surfing, Soccer, and Golf reaching the later teenage years were the 3 that captured my full attention. Golf ended up being a profession I first tried to conquer and excel in. I become a PGA professional and travelled Australia playing the golf tours for many years. Playing on the tour is a thrill, but was a hard way to make a living. A certain life changing decision to head to Malaysia to originally teach golf and operate golf academies was the start of the entrepreneur spirit that took over my mind and becomes a dream to accomplish as much as I possibly could.

Hard work and perseverance can pay off, now have the pleasure of owning and manufacturing my own Jet Boards and accessories to support the brand Torque, and I have also challenged myself to not only sell the product but to build a sport, a community and I am confident it will be a craze that will spread to a place near you.

My name is Dean Jarrett, and I welcome you to Torque Jet Boards.

get on board!!!

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