Electric Surfboard Buyers Guide

Electric Surfboard Buyers Guide

There are many Key Points those can help you with purchasing the best Motorized Electric surfboard. Which is Suitable for your water sport activities. So let’s discuss Some Important factors that you need to understand in depth while Buying Best Electric surfboard in Market. We will give you complete Electric Surfboard Buyers Guide.

Let’s be honest; nobody feels cool riding their electric surfboard with a DIY waterproof remote in a lunch sack. It will be quite difficult for somebody to foster a beautiful, skimming, waterproof surfboard controller that is planned with smooth choke control, solace, and be highly Cost-effective.

What’s An Electric Jetboard?

A jet board is a motorized board that designed for Surfing, racing, or just cruising! You don’t need waves to get that adrenaline rush; you can get the action of any water sport with Torque Jet Boards™, on our electric-powered surfboards. It can reach speeds up to 60 km/h and around 40 minutes of riding time, depending on the model.

The electric Jet Board or Battery powered surfboards generally allow you to break the mold of traditional surfing. The boards are so much fun in various conditions, you don’t need waves to get that adrenaline rush; you can get the action of any water sport with electric-powered surfboards.  An endless season of surfing Awaiting for you!

What’s Smallest and Lightest Jet board Available in Market?

The Ripsnorter Jet Board being one of the smallest and lightest fast electronic boards on the market is pushing the limits on the water with its amazing performance in speed and maneuverability. To date, there are no other products that can compete with our performance or our affordable price range.

Where to Buy Electric Surfboard?

Electric Surfboard or Jet boards are very highly Specialized and Expensive Products. That’s really hard to be found at the local surf store. Every Rider has his own Specific Requirement. Because of this, you should buy the motorized surfboards and Jet boards from the manufacturers directly.

Even if you want to become a Surfboard Dealer, Electric surfboard wholesaler or buy in bulk there are some well reputed Surfboard manufacturers in the Market. I would suggest Torque Jet Boards™.


When selecting the brand and type of electric Surf/ Jet board you want, it does not need to be So Expensive. Torque Jet Boards™ Offers Affordable and Guaranteed Quality Electric surfboards, which have good quality for practicing. 

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