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The Gromjet comes from the word Grommet, which is the slang for a young surfer under the age of 16 years.

Our Gromjet is just that, a Jet Board or motorized surfboard that is built to cater to the young riders. The inflatable soft deck is versatile but yet extremely strong and durable to hold up the constant punishment it will receive from the young energetic riders.

The board is set up the same as our fast electric surfboard models. It has the rope handle connected to the front nose of the board for extra stability and turning power. The handle of the rope has a watch connection base attached to the handle.

The watch is the remote control of the board and the rider use there left or right-hand thumb to press the buttons for the 3 different speeds and to start or stop the Jet Board. The bodyweight movement when riding the board is to control the direction and the turning.

The speeds will vary with the different weight riders. With a rider of 60kg, we reach around 15km/h, so the younger smaller kids will reach enough speed to have a lot of fun and be very safe in the meantime.

The battery will last around 1 hour of use, in some cases with mixed speeds and lots of crashes in the water the battery will last up to 2 hours.

Many awesome colours are available, from Yellow, red, purple, black, orange, blue and green.

Jetboard Colours Options.

Spec Chart


230 CM


76 CM


15 CM


7 KG


Batt incl

14.6 KG



110 KG


4km/h, 9km/h and 20km/h


With a rider of 60kg, we reach around 15km/h


256 Litres


Tech details


The boards are made from high quality marine PVC. The drop-stitching inside the board is our inhouse improved strength technology. We alter the process of the PVC lamination to add a slightly thicker more durable layer to the boards, which also allows us to digitally create awesome designs on the board’s decks and increase buoyancy. The board can pump up to 13psi comfortably.


The board is driven using the APP on your phone or by the Smart watch that connects to the paddle. We have developed a 3-speed range for the riders to use at their own need. 4km/h, 9km/h and 20km/h are great cruising speeds. The board can be used in excess of 2 hours when varying the speeds as you travel around.


The jet drive system constructed into the back of the board releases a great amount of power for the small size motor that we use. We can reach up to 20km/h at top speed..


The battery pack is replaceable and rechargeable which can give you a full day on the water if desired. The small brushless motor can keep pushing the board up to 3 hours on one charge at low speed of 4km/h. At full speed, you can expect around 1 hour.


Without a doubt the most versatile jet board on the market today. All ages can ride the boards with ease. The inflatable board with the soft EVA deck pad make it simple and super fun. Now you can keep the whole family together and motor to beautiful locations without anyone lacking behind.


The complete system packs into a backpack that can easily be placed into the back of the car. A long stroll down the headland or beach path is also possible.


Connect the electric air pump to the battery and you are ready to go in minutes, it could not be easier.


This board is great fun for the whole family. The inflatable hull is great for the kids and the APP and the SmartWatch are very simple to use. You can travel around the waters at different speeds and even use it a normal paddleboard which the jet drive system does not hinder your paddle strokes.

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