Business Opportunities with Torque Holdings Limited

Torque Jet Boards has the full package of electric and petrol powered Jet Boards, which were featured several times from the E-Surfer Magazine There will be more new and innovated products to join in the product lineup in the very near future.

We can streamline a unique package for your needs and locations. Please take a look at this unique and awesome business opportunity in a industry that is growing ever so fast. Do not be too late. Join the team now to gain the early bird specials.

Torque Jet Boards Rental Kiosks

Torque has constructed a simple and very convenient rental kiosk from shipping containers. Many countries throughout the world would charge a very high price to construct a small structure for the purchase of a kiosk, so we have constructed a 40ft container size kiosk that contains all the necessities to operate a very successful rental business with Torque Products.
The kiosks consist of the following;

Storage Room
A separate room to store the jetboards, with wall racks to protect the boards and store them comfortably. You can fit easily 25 boards in the storage room.

Battery Charging Room
The charging room is fully equipped with the charging booths that are capable of charging 30 batteries simultaneously. It is also air-conditioned which is needed to assist in the cooling process of the battery packs when charging.

A small café or registration counter is in the middle of the structure. You can stock some snacks and drinks for the customers to refresh.

Shade sails and Seating Area
The shade sails and the poles that connect the shade sails are all provided. We also supply 8 settings of the Rattan Outdoor furniture, that can comfortably seat over 30 guests.

Jet Boarding is a very fast-growing sport and we at Torque together with our rental system, Jet Tracks and our much more affordable products, the industry will develop into what I think will be one of the next biggest water sports activities.
A great rental package can be uniquely be developed for all different locations and customer’s needs. If you are interested to discuss this amazing business opportunity then please do not hesitate to contact us on the email on the contact page.

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