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The iSUP Electric Paddle board is the new addition to our family of Jetboards. This inflatable paddle board we have turned it into a inflatable luxury Jet Board that all the family will love. The iSUp Electric Paddle Board Give Handsome Ride time, for Pro riders 40mins, Amateur’s 40-50mins and Novice 1 hour plus.

An electric stand-up paddle board aka an iSUP electric surfboard, is a paddle board that powered by a small electric jet motor. These boards are not meant for reaching high speeds, but rather for enjoying scenic coastal views from seaside and providing Luxury of  long trips. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a beginner, an electric stand-up paddle board is a great option for exploring the water in a fun and Eco-friendly way.

The Electric Powered Paddle board can be used with the motor running or you can turn it off and use the board as a standard paddle board. Allowing to push the limits and explore to further reach places without the fear of not being able to return.

The iSUP Electric is our new addition to our family of Jetboards. This inflatable paddle board we have turned it into a inflatable luxury Jet Board that all the family will love.

This wonderful machine is constructed with our patent aluminium jet drive system carefully built into the tail end of the board with the water intake underneath the back end of the board. The system is totally enclosed inside the board for superior performance and safety. The battery pack is in the middle section of the board to give the overall riding performance greater center of gravity for exceptional gliding speed with very low power consumption.

The Gromjet comes from the word Grommet, which is the slang for a young surfer under the age of 16 years.

Our Gromjet is just that, a Jet Board or electric surfboard that is built to cater to the young riders. The inflatable soft deck is versatile but yet extremely strong and durable to hold up the constant punishment it will receive from the young energetic riders.

The board is set up the same as our fast electric surfboard models. It has the rope handle connected to the front nose of the board for extra stability and turning power. The handle of the rope has a watch connection base attached to the handle.

The Striker Jet Electric is just awesome, versatile, agile and super comfortable. Fishing of this 97cm wide platform has never been easier, and it handles the rough chop with perfection. The extra length and width create superb stability when moving around the deck for casting the rods or winding in those large predators. Truly an impressive motorized paddle board.

The 2-rod holders are secured to the board which can be adjusted for the angle and direction when setting the rods. The cooler box is equipped with the all the necessary compartments for storing your tackle and accessories out on the water.

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