iSUP Inflatable Electric Powered Paddle board

iSUP Inflatable Electric Powered Paddle board

There is no better way to spend the day on the water with your friends or family than with this outstanding New Creation from Torque Jet Board, the iSup Electric is the most versatile yet most robust, inflatable, paddle board with a unique inboard electric jet drive system. The iSup electric inflatable Paddle board was built to maximize your leisure experience on the water.

Best inflatable Paddle board

There is certainly no other paddleboard near capable of producing these astonishing results. The isup inflatable powerful Electrical system can tackle extremely long Journeys, freaking exciting cruising speeds of 11 km/h. The fear of not being able to return to your starting point is no longer a problem. Your phone and our Smart Watch are the remote control devices driving. This Craft simply press the controls on your phone app to start accelerate and stop the board.

electric paddle board size

The inflatable Board is 10 feet in length. Absolutely beautifully designed and state of the art craft of board is our most enjoyable.
Electric Powered Paddle Board

It’s the super large deck size could even accommodate an adult and two children. The ice up electric is equipped with well position, grab hands, transporting, or carrying the craft. Torque really has engineered this craft to Perfection. The versatility is amazing. The whole unit rolls happened, fits into backpack, which can be carried or pulled along on its Wheels Simplicity,  smart technology and creative designing, gives you the ultimate craft that everyone should have.

Avoid being inflatable, makes it very after you use the board, you can wash it down. Take the air out of the board and then roll it up in a bag quite easily. And take off just makes life a lot simpler when it is a lot smaller easier to travel with, it’s a great product, great fun for the families of  touring around taking a look at the seaside.

How Does an electric inflatable surfboard Works?

The functions and usage could not be simpler. Convenience is the key with this magnificent Masterpiece by The Pump It Up and workout that body over the less energetic users. We have had an electric pump system that intelligently runs off the jet boards battery pack that inflates the board in just a matter of seconds Which is less hassle and get you onto the water faster. As you can see, the craft really can glide through the water with protection.

The jet drive system at the back of the board Utilizes the superior design of the craft to reach speeds with virtually no effort, giving hours of enjoyment beginners can now keep up with the advanced Riders and explore magnificent waterways. Anyway, you will have no problem to load two family members on this tough unit, the drop stitch reinforced technology allows for high PSI levels.

Top best 3 electric Motorized inflatable paddle board

iSUP Inflatable Electric Powered Paddle board has three-speed function, the board itself is three meters in length, and 76, centimeters in width. So it’s quite stable is quite fun to ride is capable of thinking, one adult and the trial of up until four hours of use. If you’re motor speed is about four, four and half hours, or high speed is a little bit over one hour,
The iSUP Electric is our new addition to our family of Jetboards. This inflatable paddle board we have turned it into a inflatable luxury Jet Board that all the family will love. The iSUp Electric Paddle Board Give Handsome Ride time, for Pro riders 40mins, Amateur’s 40-50mins and Novice 1 hour plus.
This wonderful machine is constructed with our patent aluminium jet drive system carefully built into the tail end of the board with the water intake underneath the back end of the board. The system is totally enclosed inside the board for superior performance and safety. The battery pack is in the middle section of the board to give the overall riding performance greater center of gravity for exceptional gliding speed with very low power consumption.
Connect the electric air pump to our battery pack and inflate the board to rocking hard 13psi in minutes, then you are ready to enjoy many hours on the water
Powered Surfboard

The Striker Jet Electric is just awesome, versatile, agile and super comfortable. Fishing of this 97cm wide platform has never been easier, and it handles the rough chop with perfection. The extra length and width create superb stability when moving around the deck for casting the rods or winding in those large predators. Truly an impressive motorized paddle board.

At 6km/h which our is jet drives slow speed gear position the board will take you for a journey for up to 5 hours. There are no adding propellers or connecting another motor, all it takes is some air it in lunges, connect and fit the battery to the compartment in the middle of the board, then you are set!

The Gromjet comes from the word Grommet, which is the slang for a young surfer under the age of 16 years.

Our Gromjet is just that, a Jet Board or motorized surfboard that is built to cater to the young riders. The inflatable soft deck is versatile but yet extremely strong and durable to hold up the constant punishment it will receive from the young energetic riders.

The board is set up the same as our fast electric surfboard models. It has the rope handle connected to the front nose of the board for extra stability and turning power. The handle of the rope has a watch connection base attached to the handle.
The speeds will vary with the different weight riders. With a rider of 60kg, we reach around 15km/h, so the younger smaller kids will reach enough speed to have a lot of fun and be very safe in the meantime.
Inflatable Paddle Board

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