Torque Jet Boards™​

Most people have seen these great toys online or others riding them. All would have said “WOW” until they saw the price tag. Now Torque Jet Boards are making them affordable, allowing for a faster return on investment.
We are now expanding to locations throughout the world, so now you will be able to test ride these cool toys. We have a product for all type of rider’s, which means we have a product range that makes sense when considering a rental setup or even fixed pro shop.
If you want to try any of the products please contact our distributors and dealers who will be able to assist you in all enquiries.






Are you interested to become a Distributor or Dealer?

Jet Boarding is new cool sport that is growing ever so fast. Each year we are seeing the industry double in size as more and more customers want to try this amazing new water sport.
It is truly amazing, the feeling of surfing on the water at high speeds without the need of waves or paddling is something that is hard to explain in words. Just be careful, it is very easy to fall in love with these new toys.

If you share a passion in water sports or would like to enter a growing industry to operate a cool and lucrative business then please do not hesitate to contact us.