Torque Electric Surfboards

iSUP Electric

The inflatable board is very versatile for all skill levels. Beginners gain speed from the motor assist push allowing them to gain balance very fast. The elite riders at full speed would double the kilometers travelled without the assist, but most importantly the boards can give every skill level the opportunity to explore and enjoy the awesome feeling on the water. Amazingly simple to use, great fun and very convenient.


What's included in Single Unit

Battery Pack




iSup Electric Paddleboard

The iSUP Electric is our new addition to our family of Jetboards. This inflatable paddle board we have turned it into a inflatable luxury Jet Board that all the family will love.

The Electric Powered Paddle board can be used with the motor running or you can turn it off and use the board as a standard paddle board. Allowing to push the limits and explore to further reach places without the fear of not being able to return.

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4. Validity of rate: 14th June.2024
5. T/T: about 30-55 days by sea , about 7-12 work days by air
6. Pls make forklift foot on each surfboard”