Torque Electric Surfboards

Mongrel 2nd generation

The Mongrel is back, and he is ready to push the limits. This new model is now 100% carbon fiber molded with a new improved shape. The 175cm in length with decreased tail size gives this hull the extra volume without sacrificing performance for those super hard turns everyone wants to possess.

The Jet is paired with a full carbon impeller with increases the speed, lowers the noise, and eliminates the cavitation providing an unmatched experience when getting onto the water.
If you are a larger rider and need that extra volume, this Mongrel is equipped to bring you the ultimate riding experience.

Our new 53ah long-life Lithium-ion battery pack is now available with this product.

Spec Chart




Carbon Fiber
175 CM

60 CM


15 CM


39 KG

Ride Time 40 mins hard riding
Recharging time 3 hours

2022 System upgrades

Carbon Fiber Impeller

A carbon Fiber impeller Jet System is now available. If you are needing more speed and increased performance, then this setup will add 6-7km/h and eliminates the cavitation.

New E-Tec Sync Setting

The electronic software system has been upgraded to incorporate new RPM with even lower power usage. Adding speed and longer ride times. You can enjoy 100% for 95% of the ride time. The board does not slow down like other boards when the battery is draining.

New 53ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

We at Torque have the longest ride times when compared to all jetboards. Now with this new large capacity pack and at extremely low prices, there are no others that come close to competing.