XTREAM Jetboard

I must say this is the best learning Jet Board on the market today. Ye sit is large and fat, but this big boy can still turn very well.

The 180cm x 70cm body size has enough volume to give you plenty of stability but also has the hard rails and shape that allows you to perform numerous maneuvers.

A great beginner board and rental center product should contain stability, ease of use, and the ability to turn and carve.

The Xtream is not fitted with the footpads, but they can be assembled in a matter of minutes if needed.

Our new 53ah long life Lithium-ion battery pack is now available with this product.

Spec Chart


180 CM


70 CM


15 CM


41 KG


Batt incl

41 KG



160 KG



Ride Time 40 mins hard riding
Recharging time 3 hours

2022 System upgrades

Carbon Fiber Impeller

A carbon Fiber impeller Jet System is now available. If you are needing more speed and increased performance, then this setup will add 6-7km/h and eliminates the cavitation.

New E-Tec Sync Setting

The electronic software system has been upgraded to incorporate new RPM with even lower power usage. Adding speed and longer ride times. You can enjoy 100% for 95% of the ride time. The board does not slow down like other boards when the battery is draining.

New 53ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

We at Torque have the longest ride times when compared to all jetboards. Now with this new large capacity pack and at extremely low prices, there are no others that come close to competing.

Some Additional Gadgets You would love

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