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We hope you have enjoyed our website and have found it interesting enough to inquire about investment opportunities. If you would, please complete this survey and upload it to our website. Thank you!

Do you currently own a business?

Have you ever licensed a product before?

What would be the area/region/country that you would be interested in developing a Torque Jet Board business?

What would be the main focus for the business that you would like to operate with our product? Retail/Wholesale/Rental/ Agent/Distributor/Dealer or if you have any others
please provide. Eg: 1. Selling board in your shops. 2. Becoming a dealer to open a rental location and build up my own customer base. 3. Sole Agent for Europe for the purpose
of setting up dealers and focus on turning the business into a franchise structure within 1 year…….

Please explain your intended yearly orders for your desired area, and include a detailed explanation on the reasons why you could develop the business for Torque Jet Boards to reach your yearly goals.

What would be your marketing programs that you could create in your area? And how these could excel the development of the brand and hence create more business?

From looking at our website, what do you think is main focus for Torque Jet Boards, the brand and the business that we are targeting?

Please provide any other valuable information that would assist you in becoming successful in your request to partner Torque Holdings Limted.