Performance Shapes

Our boards are produced with shapers from a surfing background. These sophisticated shapes and designs portray conventional surfing boards, with a slight versatility.

The AKU surfboard shaping machine is used to design and CNC the 3D model of the board. Unlike a conventional surfing board, our professionally designed 3D model is brought to life using our specialized Kevlar Carbon Fiber moulding technology. The reinforced core strength is unbeatable and the flexibility of the utilized fibers help create a versatile board with attributes that generate power through long hard turns.

Extensive testing with various rail, rocker, and bottom designs were conducted to counteract the different reaction times of the turns at different speeds. In surfing, the water is moving towards you on the wave, whereas, in jet boarding, the water is still. Jet boards are heavier from the motor that drives them, resulting in alterations to the shape in order to allow for smooth powerful turns.

There is definitely an art to making powerful boards, with maximized performance levels, that can react to different situations and circumstances. This expertise comes from years of experience surfing in Australia, using many varieties of board shape designs.

Engineered to Perfection For Perfection

Our current team of professionals have been producing surfboards and SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) for over 11 years now.

Our highly skilled electric engineers are vital to the new sport of electric propulsion boards. They have created a state of the art electric system that performs at the highest level of technology for an intelligent motorized system.

Our Torque boards are continually run through stringent testing regimes to maximise efficiency in all areas. Torque headquarters is a massive 3500m2 professional assembly with a research and development centre in which our team strives to invent new and improved electrical technology in order to enhance each new model in our Torque product range.

Our electric circuitry propulsion system is made from a makeup of the highest quality self-manufactured devices. The raw materials come from Australia, Japan, Germany, and the United States.

Electrical Defect Detection System

Torque engineers have designed our line of boards to contain the latest intelligent controller technology that is adjustable through our patent Torque Android and iOS application programs.

Our boards are checked through our Android or iOS applications to confirm all moving parts are responding and working at full capacity. If there is a problem with the circuit system, including the battery, motor, or other important devices, the system will detect the issue, and we will be automatically alerted so that the matter can be easily rectified. Our convenient service centers located in the country of purchase will be able to assist with the fastest repair solutions. Your safety is always at our utmost importance.

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