Torque Jet Boards™

Surfing, racing, or just cruising! Now you don’t need waves to get that adrenaline rush, you can get the action of any water sport with Torque Jet Boards™, Newly Crafted electric surfboards.

Watersports are my passion. I grew up surfing the beautiful North Coast beaches of New South Wales, spots such as Byron Bay, famous for being the easternmost point of Australia.

During this adventure over the past 6 years to manufacture the ultimate Electric surfboards, we at Torque have learned a great deal. To make a craft that acts as a small light electric surfboard on a wave, the carbon fiber hull and the electronics on our battery-operated surfboards need to be in sync.

The Ripsnorter being one of the smallest and lightest fast electronic boards on the market is pushing the limits on the water with its amazing performance in speed and maneuverability. To date, there are no other products that can compete with our performance or our affordable price range.

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4th Generation



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